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The 7 Most Common Missed Questions When Filling Out CAQH Form?

1. Have you ever used another name?

Entering names used other than your current legal name is required.

2. Language spoken?

Providing all languages other than English that are spoken, read, written will help expose the provider to additional members that are in need of providers they can communicate their health issues with more clearly.

3. Is your CV up to date?

Remember to update your CV to reflect current employer and all service locations.

4. Name to appear in Directory?

If your company has a DBA remember to enter the name that you want to appear listed in the Provider/Member Directory.

5. Office Hours?

When entering your office hours remember to include any after-hours (hours before 8:30am and after 5:00pm plus weekends if applicable). After hours may help your company get additional members assigned as members will be looking for providers with more availability.

6. Accepting New Patients?

Remember to update CAQH to Accepting New Patients or Current Patients Only. This will help members locate a service provider more quickly.

7. Age Limitations?

Each provider selects member age limits according to their specialty. When members are searching for providers the age limitation such as 0-100, or 0-18, 0-21, 14-100 just as examples, will help the members select a provider.

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